“Character Animation and Pre-Vis”

This is a compilation of my latest character animation and previz work, primarily done with Maya, Viewport 2.0, and Vray.

“Test Animations”

This is a reel of all of the short test animations I have had lying around, some of them years old. I thought it would be cool to compile them together to some music in order to show the variety of aspects of the CGI workflow including; 3D modeling, Lighting, Material Settings, Camera Settings, UV Mapping, 3D and 2D Animation.


I wanted to make everyone's holiday season a bit more "bisquity".  This video was shot mostly using a Casio EXILIM EX-ZR100 camera and edited together using Adobe Premiere.  The music is "Unicorn" by NEGAME https://soundcloud.com/negame

"Viral Plugs"

This Wacom tablet assisted Toon Boom Studio animation was produced on spec for a web designer who was looking to begin producing "viral videos" as an additional means to generate income on top of his market research and web design company. This project was put on hold due to his heavy workload. The basic premise of the animation was based on his notes. It is his voice you hear on the audio track, but I produced the story boards and general design of all of the elements and transitions. When I produced this animation I was also testing myself to see if how fast I could produce it. The story boards took a couple of hours to draw, but as soon as I received the go-ahead the total animation took right around thirty hours to produce.


"Goat Ramp Animation HD"

This is an animation I did while I was re-learning the basics of 3D Studio Max in 2010. A friend of mine who worked for this company mentioned they would be interested in an animated version of the truck and ramp being put together to help get across the idea of how it works. My goal was basically to learn how to use 3D Studio and familiarize myself with the program while also producing a quality computer generated animation I could use for my portfolio and help out a good cause, spreading the word of the "Goat Ramp". I was already familiar with SketchUp and Vray rendering, but I had not used 3D studio in over a decade. I was pleased to learn of all the advances the program has made through the years. Although it is a vastly more complicated program than SketchUp, there is so much more you can do. This is the very first animation I have done in HD, it took about two months to learn all of the techniques and put them together into this finished product.


"Nathan Green SketchUp Models and Animations"

These are Architectural SketchUp Models I had built from 2006 to 2007.  The quality of the video is poor unfortunately, but it gives one a good idea of the level of detail I was working with during the first couple years of learning SketchUp.  The music is by one of my favorite bands, Bonobo. 



This 2009 model was built based on a flat 2D AutoCAD Plan file and some but not all of the Elevations, so alot of it was guesswork, and much of the terrain was reengineered to fit in driveways. 


"Mack Residence 3D Studio Max Mental Ray Flythrough"

This 3D Studio Max scene took about two and a half days to set up.  Using an imported SketchUp[ model of the architecture, I then animated the camera, car, pool water, and plant life and re-assigned all of the materials and texture maps.  Once the setup was finished it took around 42 hours total to render @ 720p resolution.  This was my second ever 3D Studio Max Mental Ray rendering. The music is Seahorse by NEGAME.


"Blueberry Muffin"

My very first Wacom tablet assited 2D animation created with Toon Boom Studio back in 2008.  Our Blueberry hero escapes from his lunar exile, but what does a muffin crave more than freedom?  I used Tchaikovsky's "Romeo and Juliet" for the music.